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Resume Number : 50010
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : director of user research and testing
Education : Nuclear Arms Race, Japanese
Skills :
User Interface Design6 Yr
Agile Methodologies4 Yr
Scrum, Axure, Balsamiq4 Yr
JavaScript4 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : BGO Social
Current Salary : Up to $150K
Experience : 10-20 Yr
Date : 09-04-13
Info :


- Resume

Director of Skunkworks, User Experience, Creative Director, Polymath




Skills: User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Axure, Balsamiq, Wireframes, HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver.


  • Versatile, thirteen year User Experience & Design video gaming industry veteran. As Director of Web Presence, lead a 27 person team of System Engineers, Application Engineers, Web Developers, Artists and Writers. Created web and desktop applications to service and enhance Sony Online Entertainment’s 11 MMO’s through ground-breaking, industry-first game-to-web services.
  • Founded the Skunkworks team for Sony Online Entertainment. Created prototypes of new technologies that plug into Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO's, with myself as the primary, hands-on UX designer. Skunkworks was a small, agile team focused on generating new ideas and breaking new ground with innovative, game-integrated technology. 


  • Represented Sony Online in many speaking engagements. Spoke at gaming conferences in Perth, Munich and New York City. Scouted for emerging technology in multiple trips to Seoul and Shanghai.


  • Identified problems early and executed solutions with lateral thinking and creative problem solving. Never missed a deadline in 11 years. Some examples can be seen on my portfolio site,


Hands-on expertise in the design and User Experience for the online integration, brand identity & marketing of AAA video games. Brought trademark passion and creativity to industry innovators like EverQuest, Unreal Tournament and Star Wars Galaxies.


Hands-on Design, Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, Rapid Prototyping, Web Applications, Web Design, Game Design, User Experience, Usability Lab testing, Mobile Applications, Business Development, Partnerships, working with Executives, Internal and PR Presentations, Idea Factory, Video Game Marketing, MMO Marketing, Free-to-Play Games, Online Communities, Social Gaming, Monetization, Community Management, User Acquisition, Analytics, Market Research


Issued -System and method for creating, editing, and sharing video content relating to video game events

United States Patent US8187104 Issued January 26, 2009

Inventors: Nathan Pearce - Systems and methods are provided for at least partially automating generation of video clips chronicling a character's interaction with a video game. The same may combine automatic video clip generation with automatic or user-generated and/or user-edited or created narrative. Multiple video clips may be combined into a video reel prior to or subsequent to uploading the same to a file-sharing site.

Pending -System and Method for Identifying Compatible Users

United States Patent Application 20090075738

Inventors: Nathan Pearce - Systems and methods are provided for an automatic user or friend recommendation system that matches players that have compatible play styles, play schedules, or the like. Behavioral data is collected from players, and a profile of each player is created and compared to calculate a compatibility score. If the compatibility score exceeds a predetermined threshold, then the players are marked as compatible, or a degree of compatibility may be calculated and displayed as well. A notification of compatible players may be provided via the web application or in-game. For example, a glow may appear around a compatible player, or they may be displayed in a list, such as an instant messaging client.


General Manager at BGO Social

April 2012 -December 2012 (9 months)

Accepted the role of General Manager of a new Social Gaming startup, managing a small team in the UK from San Diego.

Director at Sony Online Entertainment

November 2000 -April 2011 (11 years 6 months)

Progressive Director level positions laying the foundation for Sony’s success, while producing world-class, industry-first innovative products, on time and under budget. Extensive User Research, Usability Lab sessions and User Experience Design.


Senior Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment

April 2011 -April 2012 (1 year 1 month)

Senior Game Designer on EverQuest Next.

Director of Skunkworks at Sony Online Entertainment

May 2008 -April 2011 (3 years)

The Skunkworks team at Sony Online Entertainment prototypes new technologies that plug into Sony Online Entertainment's MMO's, with Nathan as the primary, hands-on UX designer. It was a small, agile team focused on generating new ideas and breaking new ground with innovative, game-integrated technology.

Public examples include;

  • Station Voice, a game-integrated VOIP solution for EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Star Wars Galaxies
  • Station Launcher
    • Unified game Launcher / Updater
    • Digital Distribution Ecommerce engine
    • Universal Friends List
  • Station Players
    • Character profiles & Guild rosters
    • Item databases
    • In-game screenshot / auto-blogging services
  • Station Exchange (an Ebay for Virtual Goods).

Creative Director at Sony Online Entertainment

July 2004 -June 2008 (4 years) Initiated the Creative Direction and User Experience for game-integrated Sony Online Entertainment’s  web sites, installers, registration systems, community web applications, ecommerce interfaces and game launching / patching applications. My mission is to design user experiences that minimize the barrier to entry while maximizing utility, through a critical thinking approach to usability.

Director of Web Presence at Sony Online Entertainment

September 2001 -July 2004 (2 years 11 months)

Directed a team of 27 people, including Application Engineers, Web Developers, Writers and Artists, with 4 managers and an assistant as direct reports. Responsible for all of Sony Online Entertainment’s Web sites, Marketing, Corporate, Game-integrated, Forums and Support.

Platform Art Director at Sony Online Entertainment

November 2000 -September 2001 (11 months)

Managed a team of 4 to 6 Artists, including traditional illustrators, print artists, graphic artists, web artists and Flash artists. Ensured quality, innovative, on time art for Sony Online Entertainment’s web sites, installers and other interactive applications, by applying my knowledge of the technical and artistic aspects of web design. Never missed a deadline.

Executive Web Producer at Atari

1998 -2000 (2 years)

Responsible for the art, design, flash, HTML and server administration for GT Interactive's Web Presence (later acquired by Infogrames / Atari)

Multimedia Artist at

1997 -1998 (1 year)

Rapid response web design and video / Flash content generation to match the breaking news of the day.

Conversational English Teacher at Waseda English

1996 -1997 (1 year)

Conversational English Teacher for Japanese students in Tokyo. My students already had learned English from their high school and college English classes, but took our classes to learn "conversational" English from a native speaker.






Web Sites

In addition to game-integrated web sites;



The Web Presence team and I, as Art Director, Director of Web Presence or Creative Director, created and re-created Marketing sites for all of Sony Online Entertainment’s games, expansions and other initiatives.
Here is a partial list, about 1/3 of what my team and I made for Sony Online:

  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
  • EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer
  • EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky
  • EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro
  • Field Commander
  • Pirates: Constructible Strategy Game Online
  • Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code
  • Champions: Return to Arms
  • EverQuest: Depths of Darkhollow
  • EverQuest II: Desert of Flames
  • Star Wars: Galaxies – Episode III Rage of the Wookiees
  • Star Wars: Galaxies – Trials of Obi-Wan
  • EverQuest: Gates of Discord
  • EverQuest II
  • EverQuest: Omens of War
  • Star Wars: Galaxies – Jump to Lightspeed
  • EverQuest Online Adventures
  • Lords of EverQuest
  • PlanetSide
  • Star Wars: Galaxies – An Empire Divided
  • EverQuest: The Planes of Power
  • EverQuest




University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nuclear Arms Race, Japanese, 1997 -1998

Rochester Institute of Technology

Photojournalism, Photography, 1992 -1994 Activities and Societies: Photo House, Note-taker for the Deaf. Resident Adviser