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Resume Number : 50014
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : production designer
Education : Associate Degree in Art & Design
Skills :
Flash3 Yr
Dreamweaver5 Yr
Fireworks5 Yr
Photoshop3 Yr
Illustrator7 Yr
Mac OSX, Windows 7, XP and Vista 7 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : North Carolina, Durham
Current Company : SAS INSTITUTE
Current Rate per Hour : $35
Experience : 10-20 Yr
Date : 09-05-13
Info :

Multimedia Design Artist

Interactive § Web § Graphic Design  

Versatile Multimedia Design Artist with a creative background covering interactive and print design, technical illustrations and photography with a passion for crafting top quality projects. Responsive reflowing design and strong guerilla testing, user centred design for optimal viewing experiences across a wide range of devices including the iPad, Nook and Kindle. Skilled in visual UI design, sketched and wireframe comps, transforming abstract concepts, and executing superior quality-oriented projects for CSS-based web layouts, with HTML, DHTML, XHTML, ASP and Flash-based e-Learning projects. Strong multi-tasking skills with the ability to work on multiple projects with varying project deadlines. Initiates learning new technologies, comfortable presenting to a wide variety of clients, enjoys a challenge, self-starter and works effectively within a SCRUM/agile team environment or independently.

  • § Artistic and Technical Skills
  • § Team Leadership
  • § Printing Industry Expertise
  • § Innovation and Efficiency
  • § Design and Layout Solutions
  • § Effective Communication
  • § Process Improvement
  • § Complex Issue Resolution



Technical Proficiencies

Platforms / OS:

Mac OSX, Windows 7, XP and Vista

Software / Tools:

Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Camtasia Studio, Lightroom, Captivate, Media Encoder, SoundForge, InDesign, PageMaker, Quark Xpress, Director, Suitcase, Quicktime, Sharepoint, Vault, Toast, Word, Snagit, PowerPoint, Norton Utilities, Retrospect Remote, MAC Tools, Carbon Copy Cloner




Mac Quad-Core Pro Intel Xeon Workstation and Windows Based Computers

Professional Experience

SAS Institute – Cary, NC (September 2011 to Present)

Multimedia Design Artist

  • § Responsible for the consistency and quality of multimedia source and final output files for web, CD, print media and handheld devices such as the iPad, Nook and Kindle.
  • § Performed Peer guerilla reviews for eBook projects prior to final release.
  • § Solved a major reflow design problem for an Enhanced eBook author who wanted to use 13 videos and create individual descriptions for SAS coding to be used on the iPad, by creating icons linking to each page containing code with its’ description, each page linked back to its’ original icon, the project used 164 external links.
  • § Used wireframe sketches and comps to design and present User Interactive Enhanced eBook video techniques using HTML5 and Camtasia, to Managers and Senior Editors.
  • § Recommended, guided and assisted SAS authors with their video production techniques, including zooming and speech-to-text.
  • § Designed and created projects for the production of multimedia technical documentation and print collateral materials for SAS 2013 Global Forum.
  • § Edited and created videos with Camtasia Studio for interactive display on handheld devices.
  • § Created and edited projects for ePubs and Mobi using Snagit, InDesign and Dreamweaver.
  • § Provided and created graphic design for SAS book covers and diagrams using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.
  • § Created compatible working environment for documents by transferring files between platforms, editing or creating graphics formats, and converting text and graphics files as necessary.
  • § Responsible for moving both the source (text and graphics) and final output files to the appropriate delivery space (UNIX or branches), for PC and Mac.
  • § Preflight and troubleshooting files, evaluating reports and correcting source and deliverables where necessary.



Global Knowledge – Cary, NC (2010 to August 2011)

eLearning Developer/Flash Multimedia Developer

Designed and created User Interface content with wireframes, for self-paced e-Learning projects, delivered via CD or the internet for industry-specific Cisco Systems, US Navy, RiverSource University, NYSE, Ameriprise, and other customers.

  • § Worked with Instructional Designers in a SCRUM/agile team environment, to plan and maintain the sprint levels of the project, tracked versions a project's stages with Vault, while communicating ideas to project managers and other core team members, through various forms of written communications for learning objectives, story boards, wireframe sketches and comps, outlines, blueprints and flow charts, assisted team members using custom LCMS, to deliver the project within a projected timeline.
  • § Led design for SPAWAR custom e-learning course for the US Navy: created wireframe sketches and comps for interface designs using Illustrator and Fireworks, for Product Management review. The proposal was accepted by the US Navy, and was slated for development in 2012/2013.
  • § Designed Flash-based interactive simulations using Snagit, to duplicate software videos for students to learn Cisco's network courses, helping the student to prepare for questions and quizzes in the actual course.
  • § Edited interface templates using AS3, CSS, XML, ASP and HTML, to solve the problems with simulation instruction text and button content not resizing correctly, after editing, the simulation file and text resized correctly.
  • § Served as core team member for creating illustrations and icons, allowing other team members to focus on project content, and maintain deliverables within a given time frame.
  • § Created and revised Flash templates using AS3 to solve text field input display errors, discovered the problem was with Auto Kerning, relayed the solution to the team and deleted the errors throughout the project.
  • § Using SoundForge, Camtasia and Captivate, edited audio and video clips with that were not playing correctly when delivered via a custom e-learning shell, the edited content was redelivered to the shell as FLV files from Media Encoder, which solved the playback problems.
  • § Strong guerilla testing for quality control with QA and Cut Sheet Reports. Reviewed final release content with team members, found a QA problem with text fields when played on a Mac using Flash Player 9, the solution was to embed the fonts. This was reported back to the team members and solved the QA problem, allowing for an error free Cut Sheet Report with estimated time frame needed for students to complete the course.



GlaxoSmithKline – RTP, NC (1991 to 2009)

Design Artist

Created projects and wireframe based user interface comps for interactive multimedia, branded GSK websites and graphic design of advertising, sales, and educational material for product marketing. Supplied highly creative concepts for prepress production, keeping in mind predetermined marketing specifications, budgets and time constraints. Supported business unit to achieve US Pharmaceutical sales and profit goals.

  • § Designed and created branded websites for Advair, Avodart, Ceftin, Flolan, Flonase, Imitrex, Lamictal, Requip, Serevent, Valtrex, Wellbutrin and Zofran.
  • § Created animations for interactive banner ads using ActionScript. Used “click tags” for tracking customer interactivity and directing traffic to a GSK web site, resulting in increased sales of branded drugs.
  • § Competed with and beat Action Toys to sponsor NASCAR decal designs for GSK Respiratory division. Created detailed illustrations of the car for logo positioning, resulting in 4 other GSK brands wanting sponsorship design.  Achieved award of excellence for increased sales and return on investment.
  • § Print design and creative for detail aids, posters, slide kits and kiosks for a major GSK Respiratory brand. Received an award of excellence for participation in achieving increased sales and return on investment.
  • § Designed an intranet web site to track all GSK projects, provided illustrations and all interactive content. Increased scope to allow access for sales training with company-wide access, received an award of excellence.
  • § Created new interactive designs to replace branded and unbranded ads with fair balanced content. Achieved internal cost savings allowing design of additional banner ads with video clips from a TV commercial.
  • § Established an online template library created for 44 products. Generated one ASP and CSS template to hold product logos and content, resulting in each brand manager having a single location to access and update product content.
  • § Designed and created four micro-sites from an interactive banner ad, designed storyboard layouts prior to assembling. Converted existing print files and created scrolling content using ActionScript.
  • § Created banner ads for an HIV brand to compliment a TV campaign, a total of 24 ad sizes were created to drive traffic to the web site, receiving positive exposure and response from the public.
  • § Collaborated with a doctor who supplied image references to illustrate how a product treats a blood vessel.  Migrated the illustrations for a Flash video to be viewed on a web site and created a DVD kiosk for the project.


American Cyanamid – Wayne, NJ (1988 to 1991)

The Pharmaceutical Division achieves revenues of $4B, the company totals over 36,000 employees, with 42 products to treat patients suffering from respiratory, CNS, cardiovascular and oncology.  

Design Artist / Studio Manager

Produced printed material following all FDA specs, including detail aids, slim jims, convention panels, and various promotional items for product management (Asendin, Loxitane, Minocin, Maxzide, and Suprax) for Lederle labs.  Approved invoices from the type-setters and interviewed artists for overflow work.

  • § Created finished artwork and checked the quality of 8 other artists’ work.
  • § Directed the flow of projects to ensure qualified artists were assigned the correct projects depending on artists’ skills and projects in the pipeline.


Early Career Experience:  Began advertising career working for ad agencies and studios in England. Relocated to New York as a Senior Mechanical Artist for Jim Johnston Advertising Incorporated, producing material for 4 colour and black and white ads for print, overhead projections, posters, hand lettering and technical illustrations.


Education & Training

Advanced Flash Design with ActionScript Future Media Concepts, Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Design Education — GSK vendors, RTP

PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark Xpress, Director, Quicktime

Professional Photography — New York Institute of Photography, Manhattan, NY

Associate Degree in Art & Design — Manchester, England