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Resume Number : 50017
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : senior product manager
Education : Masters in Engineering (Computer Science)
Skills :
SDN and Cloud computing5 Yr
Communication protocols, routing, QoS, flows, TCP/IP, VoIP, MPLS7 Yr
Wireless, LTE & Wifi, mobility3 Yr
Android, Linux, Java5 Yr
Parallel and Distributed Computing5 Yr
Big Data and Analytics5 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs
Current Salary : $140K
Experience : 10-20 Yr
Date : 09-05-13
Info :


Director of technology with proven record of design and delivery of complex projects.  Expertise in innovation, strategy roadmap, creating new business opportunities, team building, product management, and hands-on approach to R&D.  Effective motivator with strong interpersonal skills, adept at overseeing all facets of project lifecycle, and expertise in a wide range of technologies (20 patents and 10 publications).  100% record of staying within budget and on-time delivery, and building strong customer relations.


Technical Skills:

  • SDN and Cloud computing
  • Software and Application Development
  • Communication protocols, routing, QoS, flows, TCP/IP, VoIP, MPLS
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Wireless, LTE & Wifi, mobility
  • Android,  Linux, Java
  • Advertising and viral advertising
  • Network design and architecture
  • Content Management, Multimedia
  • Big Data and Analytics


Protocols: MPLS, OSPF, RSVP, LDP, TCP/IP, MobileIP, WiFi, LTE, 3G, SIP, M2UA, SCTP, IMS

Systems: packet scheduling, process scheduling, switching/routing, Filesystems, memory management, Async IO, Synchronization, Hadoop, GFS

Platforms: Android, Unix, Solaris, Linux, Windows, Ant, Eclipse, Maven

Languages and scripts: Java, J2ME, J2EE, C, C++, Perl, Bash/Ksh, python, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Object Oriented programming

Databases: NoSql, map-reduce, mysql, postgresql

Professional Experience

Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ                                    2004 – present

Networking Architect / Director

Created and managed teams, raised funds, budgeted, scheduled, and coordinated cross functional activities to innovate, create patents, execute and deliver projects.  Created workflows, managed R&D teams and product management teams spread globally, and managed R&D with hands-on approach to deliver on-time, and built strong customer relations.

  • Funded several projects from a variety of government institutions including MassDoT, DARPA, DoJ, DISA, NACA, DHS, DISA, DoE and DoT.  Created successful project proposals, budgeting, scheduling estimates, execution, and customer presentation, and on-time delivery.
  • Created a new vertical in ALU in the space of next generation billboards, and funded it.  Created patents and algorithms in the space, and created and managed teams to deliver pilot runs for Clear-Channel France.  Demonstrated to customer, the ability of  these next generation billboards to increase advertising revenue by 10X. 
  • Won a proposal to study and analyze MBTA’s current network and propose a roadmap and provide technical strategy to transform their infrastructure to a modern and modular network.  This work laid the ground work for Massachusetts DoT to lower OpEx, increase the efficiency of adding new application, and future-proof their technology with an ROI in 4 years.
  • The above work with MassDoT also resulted in a white paper, and laying Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy for the transportation industry vis-à-vis SDN (Software Defined Networks).
  • Founded, and funded an initiative within Alcatel-Lucent in HetNets (LTE, 3G, Wifi) wireless technology connectivity and service.  Created the algorithms, patents, and built and managed a team to implement.  Enterprises (especially healthcare) gained from this because they had better control and management of user traffic and could offer features that were not otherwise possible.
  • Won a proposal from DARPA to re-architect its delivery of video and data services in a QoS (Quality of Service) sensitive way.  Built teams from LGS (Lucent Govt. Solutions), Lockheed Martin, and Bell Labs Research, among others to successfully bid and execute this multimillion dollar project for DARPA. This helped the US military make video sessions and transfer data with high priority and security and using edge based intelligence
  • Provided product management, and handled customer relations for Lucent’s IMS solution for Deutsche Telecom.  Successfully architected and provided custom fit solutions for the customer’s needs.  Worked with other organization and managed four teams spread globally across four time zones to guarantee product planning, QA, and managing the product life cycle. This helped Deutsche telecom to successfully pilot the IMS solution.
  • Architected, created algorithms and patents, and implemented a micro-mobility solution that could rival mobile-IP and provide fault tolerance in External gateway protocols like BGP. This is referred work in the industry, and is more commonly known as STEM (Seamless Transport Endpoint Mobility)


Euforaiz Inc., Somerville, NJ                                                             2008 – 2010

Founder, CEO

Founded and successfully attracted funds of $1 Million for Euforaiz Inc (a cross platform sharing and viral advertising technology).  Grew the company to an evaluation of $25 Million and 16 employees at its peak.  Won customer trials and customer engagements with companies like Comcast Inc, and Harman International.


Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ                                2000 – 2004

Networking Research Engineer

  • Created algorithm, and patents and implemented an out of band signaling network for optical switches (like Lambda-Unite), as well as providing traffic engineering and restoration techniques for MPLS based data networks.  Delivered a working scheduler, admission controller, OSPF module, and Routing Database Manager.
  • Contributed to this high density feature rich edge router by developing the IP routing module, MPLS, as well as the architecture for the CLI/WEB interface


SCO Unix, Murray Hill, NJ                                                             1998 – 2000

Kernel Research Engineer

Contributed in several areas of the Unix operating system, especially for highly parallel systems for data center operations.  MLCA (Multi Level Cache Affinity) was a particularly distinguishing work delivered.  MLCA was a paradigm shift in process scheduling design and completely did away with the old concept of timed-aging.  Today this has become the industry standard for such scheduling tasks and has also found its way into the Linux kernel.


HCL Technologies, Chennai, India                                                 1997 –  1998

Senior Systems Engineer

Led and executed various projects in the space of kernel memory, scheduling, and device drivers.


Wipro Systems, Bangalore, India                                                    1996 –  1997

Senior Systems Engineer

Various projects in the space of device drivers and kernel support for large databases.


  • Masters in Engineering (Computer Science), Indian Institute of Science, India  (winner of the JRD Tata Scholarship)
  • Bachelors in Physics, Loyola, India. (Silver medal)


  • Professional certificate of merits from Deutsche Telecom, Sequent Computer Systems Inc, and SCO-Unix.
  • Winner of physics talent search, 1991-92, at the All-India collegiate level.