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Resume Number : 50020
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : senior product manager
Education : Ph.D., M.S., B.S.
Skills :
Product leadership 10 Yr
Product strategy 10 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : Oracle Corporation
Current Salary : Up To $140K
Experience : 5-10 Yr
Date : 09-05-13
Info :

Email/call with proposed consulting engagement(s). When contacting, provide the following:

  1. Description of need: e.g., key deliverables and results, or general statement of problem; will be happy to help identify/define this or work out details as needed
  2. Timeframe: can be a single deadline date or more detailed milestone dates and dependencies, whatever is most convenient
    1. Budget: total investment in consulting engagement

Longer-term agreements will be considered based upon initial consulting engagement


  • Experienced manager in enterprise systems space who brings sales enablement, usability, and consumer behavior expertise to bear on product strategy, functional definition, and cross-functional team leadership
  • Inbound and outbound product leadership and development experience, working with broadly-focused cross-functional teams, including sales, engineering, and quality assurance
  • Experience in product usability/user interface design


Independent/Consulting, 2002-

  • Provide product leadership at all needed stages of development, from concept to launch: product strategy and market requirements definition; customer engagement/needs assessment; functional and user interface definition; driving of requirements and integration dependencies through engineering teams; product testing and release management; product messaging, outbound engagement, and sales enablement and training
  • Primary focus in hi-tech sector across variety of sub-verticals, and on internal IT system (especially enterprise software) development
  • Have worked with companies of all sizes and at all stages of growth; adjust mode of work to environment

Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA, 2007-2010

Senior Product Manager

  • Defined and validated product functionality and roadmaps in sales force and marketing automation
  • Developed and presented compelling, persuasive collateral for transfer of information with internal teams, sales enablement, and customer and analyst demonstrations
  • Initiated and conducted in-depth reviews and gap analyses against competitors and potential partners

Product Manager

  • Defined new product functionality and pervasive embedded analytics across several functions, including sales prospecting and management, Web channel management, and lead and campaign management
  • Took a central role in suite-wide initiatives to improve the product’s user interface
  • Reviewed and guided technical designs, testing plans and product documentation

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, 2007


  • Taught graduate-level course in quantitative research methodology
  • Guided teams in the development of research project plans

Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 2004-2007


  • Taught undergraduate and graduate course in research methodology
  • Developed and taught new course, “Trust, Credibility, and Computers,” covering practical design and experimental research in user trust and credibility assessments of information technologies
  • Guided project teams in trust and credibility analyses of real systems, and in research designs


  • Set research agenda and advanced knowledge of how consumers and information seekers evaluate the credibility of online information, publishing findings in academic journals, conferences, and books
  • Conducted laboratory and online experimental research regarding cognitive and social aspects of technology use and consumer behavior, performing large-scale statistical analyses

SAP AG, Palo Alto, CA, 2003-2004

Corporate Consultant (internal corporate strategy group)

  • Defined product functionality and design, focusing on supporting product and solution managers in rapid collection and analysis of accurate, reliable, and actionable customer feedback (voice of the customer)
  • Investigated and evaluated advanced interface technologies relevant to enterprise software, summarizing and presenting findings and recommendations to internal teams, including executive board members

Kovair, Inc., San Jose, CA, Feb-Sept 2001

Human Interface Engineer

  • Led usability efforts for B2B strategic relationship management software
  • Planned, designed, and conducted extensive user testing, formal product evaluations and data analyses


Stanford University, Stanford, CA

  • Ph.D., M.S., B.S.