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Resume Number : 50024
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : senior product manager
Education : M.B.A. in Finance
Skills :
Sybase3 Yr
Autosys2 Yr
Perl, Korn3 Yr
.Net2 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : BNY-Mellon
Current Salary : Up To $140K
Experience : 10-20 Yr
Date : 09-08-13
Info :





  • Specialized in building and strengthening finance systems for treasury, risk and trading department’s for banks, broker dealers and asset management firms. 
  • Developed, managed and motivated teams while building on relationships both internally and externally. Financial services industry knowledge of pricing, risk controls and derivatives.
  • Product knowledge includes equities, derivatives, fixed income, mortgages, collateral management, credit derivatives, and foreign exchange with hands on experience in enhancement of internal controls. 
  • Experience includes pricing, sourcing market data, managing risk (credit and market) finance, treasury middle and back office departments. 
  • Good understanding of credit and market risk concepts by the virtue of having worked in major Basel II implementation project. Well versed in project management and SDLC concepts. Risk management knowledge as well market risk and credit risk




Columbia University Data Modeling and C++ Courses

NYU, Risk Management Certificate

St. John’s University, Queens, NY

M.B.A. in Finance  

St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY

B.S. in Accounting  



UNIX, Perl, Korn, Shell, Autosys, Control M, SQL, Sybase, Oracle, PL/SQL, UML, RSL, AutoSys, SAS, Crystal Reports, Visio, Erwin, Front Arena, Investran, SWIFT, FIX, Toad, SharePoint, SQL Server 2000/2005, Yield Book, .Net, VB, Visual SourceSafe, WSS, Eagle Star, Reveleus, Actimize, Series 7 and Series 63






BNY-Mellon, New York, NY

11/12 – 03/13

Business Analyst

  • Uploaded performance data and market index feeds for an EAGLE PACE data warehouse.
  • Created performance reports for customers.
  • Upgraded a decision support matrix for portfolio managers.
  • Setup a structure for the area to meet Dodd Frank requirements.
  • Created QA test plans
  • Performed regression testing
  • Created counterparty risk analytical reports
  • Priced equity swaps
  • Upgraded the firm’s FASB 157 system to improved fair market value calculations
  • Improved the bank’s Security Master file
  • Performed fund accounting
  • Security lending
  • Created data flow diagrams
  • Data analyst with very strong SQL query experience.  90% of the job involved writing SQL queries and writing scripts (shell).
  • Good Excel experience, able to perform v-lookups.
  • Basic understanding of messaging protocol (FIX Protocol).
  • Data analysis
  • Data mining to process and resolve related data problems.
  • Basel III requirements
  • Created an RFP for US bonds for pricing a clearing and US bonds
  • Set up reports to meet the Dodd Frank and Volcker rules






Nomura, New York, NY       

05/11 – 11/12

Senior Business Analyst

  • Sourced data from the firm’s treasury system to increase the firm’s compliance with IAS 39, 27 and 32.
  • Created queries in PeopleSoft too extract data for additional analysis.
  • Improved daily operational reports in MS Access.
  • Used SQL for data mining to help create a decision matrix for traders and ensure data quality.
  • Created reports using Excel and VB.
  • Improved daily risk management reporting.
  • Created an interface between the firm’s trade order management and Bloomberg systems.
  • Created liquidity reports by currency.
  • Established VAR factors for risk management.
  • Controlled currency management to eliminate currency risk.
  • Performed data mining to increase accuracy of data.
  • Created ad-hoc reports for management.
  • Actimize trading model
  • Actimize KYC
  • Actimize compliance model
  • Created Business Requirements Documents for extracted data from the treasury systems.
  • Created Functional Requirements Documents for to extracted data from the treasury systems to meet Dodd-Frank regulatory requirements.
  • Understanding of the trade processing and the front office system
  • Basel III requirements



FINRA, New York, NY         

01/11 –  05/11

Senior Business Analyst

  • Reverse engineered.
  • 50 SAS programs and created BRD and summary documents for internal audit.
  • Produced regulatory documents for the FINRA options sweeps.
  • Documented the regulatory requirements for options.
  • Performed data analysis



Citigroup, New York, NY     

01/10 – 12/10

Alternative Investments Project Manager

  • Advised multi-strategy hedge funds on how to operate interfaces for several front office systems to the Geneva Portfolio management system such as OpenLink, Wall Street Office, Murex, Kondor + and Investran in an Agile work environment.
  • Created pricing procedures for various products. Re-engineered bank loans, CDO, CLO, WSS and total return swaps in Wall Street office to allow them to be better reflected in Geneva.
  • Improved cash, positions and novation reconciliations to the prime broker for a hedge fund using SQL.
  • Performed hedge fund accounting and operational functions when needed.
  • Produced a daily NAV.
  • Analyzed risk weighted capital ratio for bank loans, CDO, CLO and total return swaps.
  • Priced illiquid fixed income products by model.
  • Created pricing procedures for MBS and ABS securities.
  • Priced variable annuity products.
  • Wrote business requirements for the Smith Barney compliance department, to allow the Actimize compliance system to leverage off of systems installed by other areas of the company in an agile environment.
  • Created alerts that complied with the Patriot Act that utilized customer rules and AML. Designed Actimize scoring rules for creating alerts.
  • Created Oracle stored procedures for customer and firm accounts.
  • Used SQL for data mining to create compliance alerts and online decision blotters to improve traders’ ability to make investment decisions.
  • Created reports using Excel and VBA.
  • Understanding of trade processing
  • Dealt with the front office experience




JPMorgan, New York, NY   

01/07 – 12/09

Senior Business Analyst

  • Installed the following Markit products for the firm: Markit Communicator and SwapsWire for CDS and IRS, Markit Portfolio reconciliation system to reconcile with custodians, and Markit CDS pricing feed.
  • Developed a mapping table for the firm’s new Eagle Star accounting system for data reporting the firm-wide security master file accounting and reporting.
  • Created gap analysis and Oracle stored procedures.
  • Created the Functional Requirements Documents to meet new pricing needs.
  • Installed a customized private placement pricing system to price mortgage products.
  • Created pricing models for MBS and ABS securities.
  • Enhanced the variable annuity systems.
  • Handled configuration, release management, GAP analysis and testing.



Citigroup, New York, NY     

01/06 – 01/07

Senior Business Analyst


  • Project Overview: STAR Project Team is endeavoring to develop the Citibank technical solution to the Basel II Accord of the Bank of International Settlements. A core component of Citibank Basel II IT solution will be the development of a new People Soft EPM data warehouse called STAR.
  • Created Functional Requirements Documents for the Basel II to acquire data from various financial systems.
  • Created a star data warehouse using the Informatica ETL Loader to meet Basel II requirements and streamline companywide financial analysis and reporting.
  • Used the Mercury Suite of testing tools to ensure data quality in Oracle.
  • Sourced data from the firm’s treasury system, OPICS, and implemented IAS 39, 27 and 32.
  • Integrated risk and finance records.
  • Performed analysis using the Oracle SQL query tool to increase risk / finance matching and reconciliations to the General Ledger.
  • Liaised with product controllers and sourcing month end general ledger adjustments.
  • Performed risk and stress testing.




CSFB, New York, NY           

04/03 – 01/06

Senior Business Analyst

  • Used the SDLC approach and managed the installation of the Geneva portfolio management system using Kondor + as a front end system.
  • Performed upgrade of the Geneva software system for several of the hedge funds.
  • Customized the security master file and pricing feeds for Geneva.
  • Specialized in accounting and operations for CDS, IRS, CDO, CLO, cross currency swaps, index swaps and other OTC products for one of hedge funds.
  • Managed the day to day accounting and operations of a 4 billion dollar hedge fund.



Financial Technologies (Golden Source), Iselin, New Jersey           

03/01 – 01/02

Senior Business Analyst

  • Wrote Functional Requirements Documentation for a web based market data warehouse system for Merrill Lynch.
  • Wrote Functional Requirements Documentation for a security master file system.



Goldman Sachs, New York, NY        

03/99 – 03/01

Senior Business Analyst

  • Installed the Geneva portfolio management system to improve processing time and reporting capabilities, for Goldman Sachs high net worth customers.
  • Coordinated all report design and writing using RSL.
  • Customized derivative and fixed income products for the firm’s high net worth clients and funds.
  • Designed the layout for the Geneva’s security master file for reporting and tax needs.
  • Documented proposed process re-engineering of the middle and back office to improve the efficiency, taking advantage of Geneva’s new capabilities.
  • Customized Geneva while working with Advent software on its first software installation of Geneva.



Salomon Brothers, New York, NY   

1986 – 1999

Senior Business Analyst, Asset Management

  • Ran the firm’s Portia asset management system with a staff of three and managed the system daily.
  • Managed a staff of three who coordinated the firm’s Portia 4.0 upgrade.
  • Performed SIT, UAT and system regression testing, during Portia’s system upgrade.
  • Functioned as Business Analyst / Manager for the swap financial accounting sub-ledger team.
  • Automated accounting for interest rate swaps, derivative and contractual products, and designed Salomon’s proprietary trade capture and financial accounting sub-ledgers (OASIS).
  • Created user requirements for Salomon derivative system for accounting, reporting and operation.
  • Improved straight through processing by re-engineering the middle and back office to integrate OASIS into the firm’s system.
  • Redesigned the bank reconciliation process, which improved accuracy and saved time