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Resume Number : 50032
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : senior systems engineer
Education : Bachelor of Technology
Skills :
Test Management Tool 5 Yr
QA process Tool 4 Yr
IBM - DB2, SQL5 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : Independent Blue Cross (IBC)
Current Salary : up to $125K
Experience : 5-10 Yr
Date : 09-08-13
Info :



                           QA Test Lead, Computer Aid, Inc.






  • 6.8 Years of experience in Software Testing  on Client-server applications and Web-testing with 2.5 years in Banking/financial industry and good experience in Health Care Domain.
  • Extensive experience in Manual testing environments and exposed to automated tools like QTP and test management tool Quality Centre (QC). Possess a knack of various testing concepts in the user environment along with the ability to understand Functional Requirements and involved in Task breakdown, Task allocation, Execution, Delivery, Test Planning, Preparing RTM, design walkthroughs and Estimations
  • Hands-on in providing justifiable project estimation for system test activities/stories/tasks with preparing Master Test Strategy, High level Estimates & Definitive Estimates documents.
  • Proficient at reviewing Business Requirement Specification to assure testability and provide Traceability Matrixes and Testing Metrics.
  • In depth knowledge on Test management processes and technical skills, including an understanding of manual Test execution, Defect tracking methods, Reporting & related tools.
  • Good interpersonal communication and Team-leadership skills with multiple stakeholder’s and collaboration on project teams and interaction with project managers, business and functional analysts, developers and the business community directly related to quality assurance responsibilities and roles.
  • Perform peer reviews of deliverables prepared by quality analysts.
  • Successful in translating business requirements and user expectations into detailed specifications employing Unified Modeling Language (UML) using MS Visio
  • Solely responsible for face to face interaction with the Client for any requirements
  • Capability of handling multiple projects at same duration.
  • Proficient in preparing complex high level test cases and execution of test cases for applications developed in Java/J2EE, .Net , XML
  • Possess a knack of various testing concepts in the user environment along with the ability to understand Functional Requirements and involved in Task breakdown, Task allocation, Execution, Delivery, Test Planning, Preparing RTM, design walkthroughs and Estimations
  • Well acquainted with SDLC, STLC and various phases of software development like Client Interaction, System Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing such as Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, and Black Box Testing     
  • Apt in troubleshooting, problem resolving & decision making.
  • An enthusiastic and goal-oriented team player possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills with high level of adaptability.



Test Management Tool       : Quality Centre (QC) 10, JIRA(defect tracking), GUI, CM Synergy, ECHO

QA process Tool                    : Serena Team Track

Databases                                : IBM - DB2, SQL

Domain                                    : Banking and Health Care

Methodologies                       : Agile, Black Box, White Box

Documentation                      : Master Test Strategy, Review Documents, Weekly Status Reports,

                                                     MOM’s, Test Model Cert Sign-off document




Bachelor of Technology, specialization in Computer Science






Professional Synopsis:


Project #1: Defined Contribution Private Exchange

Client Name: Independent Blue Cross (IBC), Philadelphia

Role:  QA Test Lead                                                                                                                                    April’2013 till Present


Project Description:

IBC will offer the small/mid-market segment an array of existing products within the Blue Solutions portfolio as Defined contribution products for both new and renewal business with a March 1, 2013 enrollment effective date. The defined contribution products will mirror the existing benefit coverage however employers will provide funds to be applied to the employee benefits via a defined contribution account. Employees will “shop” for their health benefits via the Connecture Insure Advantage private exchange. Connecture InsureAdvantage will reflect the defined contribution credit, which will be decreased as health benefits are added to the cart. In the event the employee spend exceeds the defined contribution credit, the employee spend will be provided back to the employer to bill the employee.

                     Some employers, particularly in the small group segment, have responded by offering employees a defined contribution (DC) program, in which the employer pays a fixed portion of the premium and the employee chooses among a set of employer sponsored products. The conduit for this option is a Private Exchange. Private Exchanges are companies that specialize in contracting with private insurers to make products available. IBC has engaged Connecture (vendor) to stand up the small/mid-market defined contribution product suite within the Connecture InsureAdvantage Private Exchange, making products available, assisting employees in making appropriate selections, and reflecting the employer contribution.



  • Participation in BRD walkthrough to understand the application and business processes.
  • Worked closely with business users to understand Graphical User Interface requirements and the articulating those requirements.
  • Preparation of Master Test Strategy and High Level Estimate documents after receiving the approved BRD from stakeholders.
  • Coordinating with the team in setting up the test environment.
  • Participated in the defect status meetings to discuss defects with developers and tracked till the closure of defects
  • Weekly Reporting of Test summary report to the management.
  • Preparing documents like Test Analysis & Test Execution checklist, Test Model certification document for functional testing and UAT sign-off
  • Update project related processes like- RTM(Requirement Traceability matrix), and Change log
  • Analyzing the Functional spec documents, developing test scripts, scenario identification for validation testing
  • Perform test coverage activities to ensure all the requirements are captured in the script.
  • Perform several rounds of regression testing to test if build is ready for Validation testing
  • Perform Validation testing, finding out defects logging, chasing and closing it into team forge


Tools:  Quality Center (QC), Web application


Project #2: Family Planning

Client Name: Independent Blue Cross (IBC), Philadelphia

Role:  QA Test Lead                                                                                                                                  April’2013 till Present


Project Description:

The Family Planning is an unsupported system and is out of compliance due to system limitations.  Family Planning System (FPS) requires a Power Builder resource that is not available.  FPS does not have adjustment capability and places the unit at risk when reporting data to the state of PA & KY. The Online Data Entry (ODE) system is not ICD-10 compatible.

               The main business goal of this project is to Transfer all the services supported by the Family Planning Unit, here at IBC, to Amerihealth Caritas. The Family Planning System is to be retired and shall not perform Family Planning Services for Claims with Date of Service 08/1/2013 and after therefore canceling the contract with ODE post implementation of this project. Amerihealth Caritas shall be responsible for all Family Planning Service and Support for Claims with Dates of Service. Medical services provided by FPU such as Contraceptives, Sterilization, Termination of Pregnancy shall be terminated and will be transferred to Amerihealth Caritas.





  • Participation in BRD walkthrough to understand the application and business processes.
  • Worked closely with business users to understand Graphical User Interface requirements and the articulating those requirements.
  • Preparation of Master Test Strategy and High Level Estimate documents after receiving the approved BRD from stakeholders.
  • Interacting highly with the business and development team to understand the functionality
  • Weekly Reporting of Test summary report to the management.
  • Update project related processes like- RTM, Change log and Defect log


Tools:  Quality Center (QC), Client server application


Project #3: Fin CEN SARs e-Filing

Client Name: TD Bank US, New Jersey

Role:  QA Test Lead                                                                                                                                 Sept’2012 to Feb’2013


Project Description:

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fin CEN) is a bureau of the US Department of Treasury that oversees the prevention of financial crimes.  On 9/22/2011 they released new specifications for Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filing. These specifications drastically change the current electronic batch filing format used by the AML and CSI organizations and are not directly compatible with the current case management system, ICMS.

              The purpose of this project is to implement a solution that will satisfy the requirements of the FinCEN new specifications. A third party vendor developed a product that will leverage the existing ICMS server information and provide an interface for submitting SARs to meet the new FinCEN standard.  This new application (NFS) will provide for the ability to supplement ICMS data with the additional information required by FinCEN and allow the creation of a batch SAR file that will fulfill the requirements set forth in the new SAR specification document.  It will also update ICMS database with the required information to enable tracking the date the SAR was submitted.


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Managed the entire project from QA perspective single-handed as the Test Lead
  • Understanding the End to End functionality and Workflow of the Application
  • Direct face-to-face Client Interaction for understanding of Requirements/Business Scenarios
  • Leading the client calls with proper creation of Reports on daily testing status to Project Management & Project Stakeholders
  • Creating Requirement traceability matrix and test plan 
  • System Test Case Creation in Mercury Quality Centre with the proper flow of the application using the UML diagrams defined in SRS
  • Ensure a high level of quality in all testing deliverables, including QA reviews
  • Interacting with Development Team and making them understand the functionality.
  • System Test Case Execution and creation of BAT test scenarios
  • Defect bugging Verification & Closure using the JIRA tool.


 Tools: Quality Center (QC), JIRA & the NFS application developed


Project #4: TDM Portal (web-based)

Client Name: TD Bank US, New Jersey

Role:  Senior QA Analyst                                                                                                                May’2012 to August’2012


Project Description:

Current Process: Currently there is no centralized mechanism which could be used to submit and track the data load requests in the non-production environments in the bank. Users make requests through e-mails or in offline mode, which is not in compliance with the bank’s data management policies. This results in a situation where the Senior Management/ Compliance group is not able to keep a track on the data movement of various systems. Also there is no centralized channel or process defined for various approvals required for the data load/unload activities.


This first phase of this project that is taken care of lists the below requirements:             

Establish & streamline USTS Test Data Management (TDM) process by:

-          Creating a centralized tool(website) to raise and track approvals & fulfillment of data load requests, provide audit controls, reporting and monitoring of compliance in the bank as per existing enterprise policies

-          Providing TRMIS a centralized system for approval of all data load requests

-          Providing auditing and reporting capabilities for all data load requests

-          Providing a centralized location to track the status of production data in non-production environments per application


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Creating Requirement traceability and High level scenarios.
  • System Test Case Creation, Uploading and Execution in QC with the proper flow of the application using the UML diagrams defined in SRS
  • Performing Cross-Browser testing for the website(application) on different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6.0, Google Chrome & Netscape
  • Interacting with Development Team and making them understand the functionality.
  • Defect Verification & Closure


Tools:  Quality Center (QC), JIRA & web based TDM portal


Project #5: FILENET

Client Name: TD Bank US, New Jersey

Role:  QA Analyst                                                                                                                                   Nov’2010 to Dec’2011


Project Description:

FileNet Project is one of the major Projects running along with many other projects for TD Bank customer under the SAPIENT roof. FileNet is basically an Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) tool which helps in managing active content through a business process without requiring much human initiation. In other words FileNet is an electronic document repository for storing/searching & retrieving/reporting off electronic images of documents. FileNet not only reduces image processing cost in any organization rather it also ensures that information is secure and accurate. FileNet Panagon to P8 migration project focuses on an upgrade of the existing FileNet environment from Panagon and P8 4.0 to P8 version 4.5 and decommissioning of the current FileNet environment due to Panagon obsolescence

The migration to the current TD supported version of software and hardware will position both lending and non-lending business units for future growth and increased customer service, operating efficiencies and flexibility. In addition to the upgrade, there will be a redesign of existing workflows as well as data cleanup, conversion and migration.

-          Reading documents like: System Requirement Document, System Design Specification documents , Use cases, Functional Specifications and understanding the system functionality overall. Analyzing the existing system with the requirements, making suggestions for a better scope of the existing system and ensuring that the application gets delivered to the client.

-          Making Client calls for understanding their perspective on the above requirement documents and hence gathering more requirements.

-          Testing different Modules together and ensuring that the product gets delivered to the client in good shape.


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Solely responsible for migration of client database from the old to the new server
  • Business Scenarios Mapping with Requirements.
  • Client Interaction for understanding of Requirements/Business Scenarios. 
  • Creating Requirement traceability and High level scenarios.
  • Interacting with Development Team and making them understand the functionality.
  • Performing two phases testing for better test results.
  • System Test Case Execution
  • Defect Verification & Closure


 Tools: Quality Center (QC), JIRA, SQL

 Environment and Technology:SVN Tortoise


Project #6:Health & WelfareBenefits Administration

Client Name: Verizon Communications & Sears Holdings

Role:  Sr. Setup Configuration Specialist                                                                                             Oct’2006 to Oct’2010



Project Description:

Verizon Communications is the leading cellular network service provider in the U.S. It is a big client handling 30 Pension Plans and the project includes administering retirement benefits of the Verizon population for all these 30 plans.

Sears Holdings Corporation is a leading integrated retailer with more than 2,500 full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada. It is a home appliance retailer as well as a leader in tools, lawn and garden, fitness equipment and automotive repair and maintenance.


The project involved testing the various defined benefits & maintaining the payroll and health plans for these clients. Besides testing, it involved overhauling the website architecture and converting existing YBR 4x website to YBR 5x, which is known asMobile YBR.

The project has been done for clients across all CSGs (Client Service Groups) including Lincolnshire, Woodlands, Atlanta, New Jersey and Connecticut. The site includes the Pension benefits, Retirement planning, Health & Welfare and Your profile links by which the user can access all the things from this site. The project comprises of system analysis, functionality implementations, bug fixing, branding and customizations.


Role & Responsibilities:

  • High-level Analysis of Requirements.
  • Leading project kick-off meetings with Systems Project Managers heading different clients,
  • communicating the architectural changes required for client’s website, planning around time periods for the project and setting all other related expectations
  • Owning modules in project, transitioning work to ongoing delivery group, maintaining robust artifacts, initiating process improvements and meeting objectives of offshore onshore delivery model
  • Participate in functionality reviews with the base team
  • Proficient in preparing test plans, cases and test scripts based on the requirement specification
  • Performed end to end IVR testing
  • Involved in Unit testing, Integration testing and Regression testing using various testing tools


Tools:  Manual Testing (GUI), Automated Testing (ECHO, ATTA, QC) Web testing (XML-UNIX), CM Synergy, SQL, IBM mainframe (ADB2, CICS)

Environment and Technology:Windows XP, 2007



  • Received Premier Team Award at Hewitt Technologies for the hard work shown and successfully completing the project by taking the ownership with only few years of experience.
  • §Got Client Appreciation Award for the extra miler effort put in during peak of the project.
  • §Enthusiastic Client Certification Award received from our client.
  • Received Certification in Business Communication skills, Presentation Skills and Power of one from Chrysalis’s HRD.
  • Worked on the most critical client Verizon (which forms 28% of the entire Hewitt business) with complete customer satisfaction.
  • Won various trophies and medals in intra and inter Sports in college.



Personal Details

 Visa status                         : EAD Work Permit (L2 visa)