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Resume Number : 50038
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : senior ux designer
Education :
Skills :
Interactive Design & Development 12 Yr
Information Architecture 12 Yr
User Interface 12 Yr
SaaS12 Yr
Micro Sites 12 Yr
| Splash Pages 12 Yr
UI/UX Designer 12 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : MODSTAR.COM
Current Salary : Up to $115K
Experience : 10-20 Yr
Date : 09-08-13
Info :



Experienced  IA, UI/UX  Designer

IT professional with over 12 years of experience architecting & designing multiple projects that achieved exceptional results. Ability to find simple solutions to solve complex design problems featuring simple, clean interfaces that deliver optimal user experiences.

  • Understand client needs, perform user interviews and map competitive landscape to identify opportunities
  • Gather requirements, build consensus and propose feature sets that maximize return on investment
  • Design market altering products with simple, clean, intuitive interfaces blending power with simplicity

Interactive Design & Development   |   Information Architecture  |  User Interface  |  Rapid Prototyping  |  Responsive Web  |  Wire Framing  |  Media Queries  |  Funnel Optimization  |  Web Typography  |  SaaS  |  Data Visualization  |  Persona Development  |  Use Cases  |  Market Analysis & Segmentation  |  Splash Pages  |  Micro Sites  |  DaaS  




Professional  Experience



MODSTAR.COM   New York, NY • 2012 – Current

New York Based Digital Production Agency

DIRECTOR   of   INTEGRATED STRATEGY    Modstar is a small Digital Production Company providing services to several large clients including some fortune 500 companies. As Director of Integrated Strategy I consult with clients to help translate businesses objectives into effective online strategies that maximize resources and leverage opportunity.

  • Provided consulting services to help determine optimal execution for a number of clients & products
  • Performed user interviews, determined product requirements & recommended feature sets
  • Outlined site architecture for a B2B jewelry catalogue used in 4k retail locations
  • Created taxonomies & search logic for a database of over 1MM products, searchable by over 100 criteria
  • Designed the UI & logic for a shopping cart with built-in error checking for user-defined customizable products
  • Designed the interface & wire frames for an in-store kiosk (iPad application) with over 2k products
  • Liaised with stakeholders & collaborated through multiple iterations of several products


WILBEY.COM   New York, NY • 2010 – Current

Online Event Aggregator ( Beta )


IA / UI   &   PROJECT MANAGEMENT    Joined company in early stages & mapped out a development plan that led to completion of the largest event database in NYC. Architected back-end data flows & front-end interfaces for a new kind of event search engine providing users with a novel way to discover & share events online.

  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team in an agile environment producing high quality work
  • Consult with early stage clients to shape product vision and recommend best executions
  • Identify application requirements and conduct user interviews to achieve proper market fit
  • Determine the product’s feature set and lead discussions to achieve a consensus view among all stakeholders
  • Craft iterative development plans to deliver maximum benefit within the scope of available resources
  • Create site maps, wireframes, flow diagrams and other documentation to chronicle each project
  • Liaise with stakeholders and developers to ensure timely completion of deliverables



MARKETCHECK.COM   SLC, UTAH • 2011 – 2013   ( )

Alternative Vehicle Pricing Guide ( Beta )


IA / UI   &   PROJECT MANAGEMENT     Marketcheck provides an alternative valuation model to those commonly available through companies like NADA and Kelly blue Book. It utilizes up-to-the-minute market signals from all of the major websites where cars are listed, to determine the true-market-price for any given car, in any local market, at any given moment in time. My work for Marketcheck focused primarily on designing the architecture & interface required to facilitate the various functions of the application.

  • Oversaw budget and development requirements for completion of  a $750k product over a 9 month period.
  • Architected, designed an interface enabling equipment-level price comparisons for 42k different types of cars and over 5 million individual vehicle listings.
  • Made the case for cloud services and oversaw migration for greater cost savings & improved scalability
  • Created an inference process that correctly identifies car types from incomplete listing information
  • Incorporated a data clustering algorithm to auto-select the most relevant car comparables
  • Architected a system for crawling, collecting and integrating data from hundreds of outside third party websites 



XTRACTLY.COM   Brooklyn, NY • 2004 – 2012

Web Crawling & Data Extraction Services Provider (DaaS)

FOUNDER  IA  / UI     Optimized limited resources for design & development of technology facilitating automated deep Web content extraction from sources inaccessible utilizing conventional search engine technology.

  • Designed the interface & graphics for all of the client facing portions of the Xtractly platform & web site
  • Built & led a hybrid team comprised of in-house & offshore developers for cost-effective completion of the product
  • Designed a lightweight client-server application facilitating fast, easy set-ups of intelligent agents (bots) for large scale data harvesting projects
  • Architected back-end document classification system for contextualizing heterogeneous data
  • Designed workflows and interfaces that minimize training requirements, resulting in lower cost services than offered by competing companies
  • Negotiated sale of the technology



A.D.D. STUDIOS   Brooklyn, NY • 2006 – 2009

Film Production Company

Producer       Orchestrated creation of "Loot," a feature length documentary film about modern-day looters attempting to reclaim treasure stolen during WW11. Scoped & planned the project, set budgets, provisioned a production crew & produced an award winning documentary traversing three continents while shooting over 500 hours of footage.

  • Identified the story, characters and plot elements and initiated the project
  • Recruited talent, negotiated contracts, set up a production company and provisioned a crew
  • Managed production details while filming over 500 hours of footage while traversing three continents
  • Designed marketing and promotional materials for print and web
  • Won "Best Documentary 2008" in the Los Angeles Film Festival 2008
  • Nominated for a Spirit Award in 2009
  • Nominated for three Cinema Eye Awards in 2010
  • Sold to HBO in 2009




LENDERLAB.COM   Brooklyn, NY • 1999 – 2009

B2B Loan Search Engine & Website Producer / Host

Founder  IA / UI    PROJECT MANAGEMENT    Demonstrated exceptional leadership through establishment & growth of largest vertical B2B loan search engine for 10+ years, with over 500 bank members and more than 10,000 subscribing mortgage brokers. Architected & deployed multiple industry-leading products, including a loan eligibility engine, a mortgage SaaS CRM & all of the enterprise software powering the organization

  • Architected the largest database of loan programs on the Internet with over 250k unique loan programs searchable by 165 eligibility attributes
  • Built and led cross-functional teams of in-house and off-shore developers through multiple product releases
  • Architected and designed all client facing functionality as well as the back-end admin functions powering the enterprise
  • Designed marketing materials and managed campaigns sustaining growth of 35% YOY
  • Made resource allocations, set budgets, hired and trained personnel and oversaw day to day operations