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Resume Number : 50054
Category : Information Technology
Desired Position : software Developer
Education : Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Skills :
Webmail Deployment, CIPE, IPSec3 Yr
Sendmail, IMAP & POP variants, Mailscanner, Spamassassin3 Yr
Tax Terms: Contract Corp-to-Corp
Location : New York, New York
Current Company : Verinix Systems
Current Salary : Up to $80K
Experience : 10-20 Yr
Date : 09-09-13
Info :



Objective:            Obtain a position that will utilize my experience and knowledge to achieve or exceed expectations of the organization.


Experience:         Verinix Systems

2000-Present       Auburn, AL                                                  


Positions held and Responsibilities:


                           Senior Systems Engineer:


q   Management of approximately 600 servers/systems

q   Maintain relationships to ensure quality customer support, service

q   Allocate employee resources throughout client pool

q   Ensure the security of all systems, servers and firewalls

q   Manage projects from inception to completion

q   Maintain positive relationships with both company personnel and clients

q   Ensure the security of all Linux kernels)

q   Advanced knowledge of all Redhat releases

q   Responsible for meeting/exceeding State & Federal requirements

q   Responsible for operations of numerous law enforcement networks

q   Extensive law enforcement network experience (required FBI Security Clearance)

q   Perform continuous R&D to stay current with CERT releases and other threat alerts

q   Compilation of custom Linux operating systems and programs to meet needs

q   Apache proxy & port-forwarding techniques, load balancing, ipchains/iptables

q   Extensive experience bash, perl, c compilation per created/modified programs

q   Experience with hundreds of Linux-based packages and secure deployment

q   Extensive experience securing Linux for purpose of firewalling of internal servers

q   Linux kernel modification / kernel compilation to meet security requirements

q   Packet-level inspection via programs such as tcpdump, etc.

q   Extensive knowledge of networking, routers, switches

q   Extensive experience in open-source branch & remote VPN tunnels

q   Extensive experience troubleshooting/resolving LAN/WAN/VLAN networks

q   Extensive experience in data backup using both cron and 3rd party software

q   Extensive knowledge of custom routing statements to separate/connect WAN’s/VLAN’s

q   Ensure updates are deployed for both Linux and Windows to maintain security:

Apt, YUM, Redhat errata portal, rpm build/Uvh, Perl CPAN, gcc from source

q   Extensive experience utilizing numerous network intrusion techniques and programs:

e.g. dsniff, snort, ophcrack, brute, ssl decryption & m-in-m arp-spoofing

q   Extremely familiar with (but not limited to) various Linux packages/programs/servers:   

e.g. Apache + Virtualization and Cert Deployment, OpenSSL, Port-Forwarding, Proxy, DNS/BIND Zone Statements for Domain Resolution, SSH, SCP, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, Sendmail, IMAP & POP variants, Mailscanner, Spamassassin, Webmail Deployment, CIPE, IPSec, Portsentry, Tripwire, Ethereal, Samba, NFS, SAN, Veritas



Experience:         Outboard Marine Corporation

1994-2000            Juarez, Mexico

Calhoun, Georgia


Positions held and Responsibilities:


Senior Manufacturing Engineer:


q   Implemented carburetor redesign with corporate design engineering

q   Facilitated manufacturing changes to improve existing & new product design in Mexico

q   Started safety meetings and workplace checklists to assure new safety policies met

q   Maintained ISO-9001 certification

q   Facilitated and implemented Lean Manufacturing program


Quality Engineer:


q   Creation of new quality program based on Six Sigma process control

q   Creation of new standard operating procedures and quality control testing procedures

q   Implemented statistical result analysis program and improved final engine performance

q   Worked with feeder plants, final assembly personnel, quality testers and corporate

         design engineers to redesign carburetors (4hp – 60hp) based on Six Sigma process


Assembly Supervisor:


q   Supervised 36 assembly employees

q   Followed corporate policies as set forth by H.R. / Corporate Policy



Corporate            Chairman’s Award, awarded to one employee annually

Award:                Outboard Marine Corporation - Fortune 500 Corporation (now - Bombardier).



Education:          Appalachian StateUniversity

1990-1994            Boone, NC  28607

                           Bachelor of Science in Business Administration



Other Qualifications:   

  • Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Personable, detail oriented, self-starter with excellent analytical/problem solving skills.
    • Reliable / punctual with strong organizational skills.
    • Excellent mechanical knowledge of both domestic and foreign engines.
    • Strong leadership qualities with ability to motivate, involve, and encourage others.



References:                  Available upon Request